Moderation (reducing complexity)


The table below (yet under construction as legacy files are relisted) shows 2D calibration models for the inflow and outflow discharge conditions; also thereafter to assess the productivity of the finite element mesh derived from the assembled point cloud.  In broad terms the complexity of the model is reduced to solve within the goal of 30,000 nodes in real time. The background to Levisham hydraulic analysis is here.

Reference OS & relief maps are herehere

Model km x km2 In-Flow Tributaries Out-Flow Graphic
pic4b2-steady 12 x 1.0 3 @ 67.0 3121111 Q = 0.07H ^2.1 more ..
        Q = 0.09H ^2.3  
        Q = 0.05H ^1.7  
        Q = 0.05H ^1.9  
        Q = 0.07H ^1.8  
        Q = 0.07H ^2.4  
        Q = 0.05H ^2.5  
        Q = 0.07H ^1.8  



  • Model
  • Spatial size
  • In-flow discharge characteristics
  • Tributaries
  • Out-flow discharge relationship : H=stage; k & m parameters of flume equation Q = kH^m; weir equations within the range Q=0.04H^1.5, to Q=0.09H^2.5 viewed to be worth testing




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